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At Seasons Bali, we do things a little different. Our mission is to help extraordinary people discover the transcendent happiness that naturally awakens when a clear mind is allowed to manifest and expand fully.

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Seasons Bali Rehab ISO 9001 Quality Certificate
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Seasons Bali was the very first addiction treatment centre on the golden island of Bali. To this day, we are the only ISO9001 (Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services) certified rehabilitation centre in South East Asia.

We are proud of our last clinical audit, which showed that 83% of clients who participated in our 90-day program are still in recovery over a year later. Of those that followed the 90-day program with six months of transitional housing, 100% are still in recovery.

We believe that the work of breaking addiction is best practised initially outside of regular life and routine. In line with this philosophy, we chose Bali as an exotic location for our rehab centre. Our tropical beachfront  location removes our clients from their every day lives. This approach allows total focus on the mission at hand. 

Our Unique Philosophy

The Seasons philosophy was born out of a need for addicts to help addicts. Rather than the traditional staff-patient hierarchy, we realised that the people who are helping you breakthrough need to understand what you are going through entirely. Also, we believe that recovery is not about denial but about learning to embrace life to find a deep meaning of the world and yourself. To that end, we do not restrict clients to meetings and in-house activities. Our programs include life-affirming activities that help our clients to rediscover the natural joy that perpetually grows by nurturing a clear mind.

Meet our founder and Program Director – Richard Smith, a veteran of recovery since 1985. 

Richard is well-loved and respected within the rehab community. He has ensured that every single Recovery Coach at Seasons has not only formal qualifications but also the experience of going through recovery themselves. Richard says that this means that everyone working alongside you understands what you are going through and knows the best ways to help you through it. 

This unique model also means that many graduates of our programs return to work as Recovery Coaches in the Seasons Community.

Our clients come from all walks of life. They range from high functioning alcoholic professionals to late-stage heroin addicts. Regardless of your starting point, every single person who walks through the front door at seasons is treated equally and asked to acknowledge our common humanness by treating everyone with respect and patience.

Our Values

The Long Road to Recovery


Our Founder was the first to open an addiction treatment centre in Bali. Hence, we have been doing this longer than anyone on this island. We brought to Bali, a model that has generated extraordinary success in our other centres around the world, including the famous Hader Clinic in Melbourne. Our model has flourished over many years and continues to do so. Our Recovery Coaches have the highest qualifications, but even more importantly, they have all experienced addiction and recovery themselves. So, you will never be forced to work with anyone that doesn’t know first hand what you are going through.


Seasons Bali is the only ISO certified addiction treatment centre in South East Asia. ISO standards are quality specifications of international best practice used by over a million companies worldwide. These requirements take an extraordinary amount of work to implement and even more work to keep. So, you will notice that not all businesses are ISO certified. To us, it is essential as it ensures that we are always held to the highest standards. You can find out more about ISO at www.iso.org.


As a boutique addiction treatment centre, we value every single person that walks through our doors. In doing so, you are entering into our time-proven standard that not only helps you transcend your own issues but teaches you how to gradually become a leader and helper of others in the same situation. We believe that helping others is a potent healing process in itself. In stepping out of the victim mentality, you can become a role model and a hero to others. Our model is self-sustaining in this way. Joining our community is discovering an endless source of friends and heroes for life that will not only look after you but will ask you to look after them in return. 

Our Program

Community Meeting at Seasons Bali Rehab
Table Showing Program at Seasons Bali Rehab

We offer proven evidence-based programs. The backbone of our work is the Seasons Primary Residential Program offered across 30, 60 or 90 days.  During your stay with us, you will be treated with kindness and respect at all times by our world-class Counsellors and Instructors.

The program focuses on the five aspects of recovery

  • Physical
  • Psychological
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual

Also, you will be encouraged to discover mind-expanding leisure activities such as surfing, water sports, fitness, cultural events, and volunteering at places such as the local orphanage. These activities are intended to remove the myth that recovery is about denial and the loss of stimulation. The purpose of engaging in them is to discover and nurture the more profound meaning that is found by connecting with everything and everyone around us.


Everyone at Seasons has the freedom of total anonymity. Among our customers from Australia, the US, Europe and Asia, you might spot a famous face in our programs. Recovery is a great equaliser. We ask anyone in the program to not treat them any different to anyone else there. We completely respect the privacy of all of our clients at all times. For those that are looking for an extra degree of anonymity, our Bespoke Program offers an unsurpassed level of privacy and luxury.

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All work conducted by Seasons Bali is carried out in the strictest of confidence and conforms to all current privacy legislation. None of the information on this site is intended as medical advice

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Seasons Bali has been awarded
Best Addiction Treatment Center in South East Asia
By AI Business Excellence Awards.

Seasons Bali has been awarded

Best Addiction Treatment Center

in South East Asia

By AI Business Excellence Awards.