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Our devoted team of professionals bring compassion, wisdom, humour and a wealth of experience to your transformation experience. We work around the clock to ensure that your experience at Seasons is the very best it can be. Regardless of your situation, we have been there, and we understand you fully.

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Richard Smith

program director and clinical head

BA (Psychology) Grad Dip Social Science (Drug Dependence)

My journey with addiction began in 1968, when I became dependant at a young age. Later I became addicted to heroin for 12 years. I finally went into recovery in 1985. From then on, I have dedicated my life to working with addicts, alcoholics and their families. I began by gaining a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), and a Graduate Diploma in Social Science (Drug Dependence). After that, I held various positions in primary health care institutions in Victoria, Australia. I formed the Hader Clinic in Melbourne in 1997. Our mission at Seasons Bali is to help you rediscover the natural happiness within when a clear body and mind is allowed to manifest and expand fully. I have been enjoying mine since 1985, and I look forward to helping you rediscover yours.

bobi team

I Ketut Bobi Nadiasa


Bachelor of Business Administration

I have been with Seasons Bali since day one as Manager of Operations. My management experience, business management training and organisational skills have helped the program and the company grow and develop into the success it is today. I completed my Bachelor degree in Business Administration in 2010 and am currently completing his MBA. I also manage a charity organisation called Yayasan Gunung Pahlengkong, which focuses on conservation, recycling and education in the North West region of Bali. My mission is to maintain our ISO9001 status as an organisation and keep Seasons Bali running fluidly so you can be free to focus exclusively on the powerful work of recovery.

Jack Ahearn

Program Coordinator

Diploma of Mental Health
Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs

Jack is currently Seasons Program Coodinator. Jack has worked with Seasons since 2017 in a number of roles. After being a talented sportsman Jack was troubled teen who developed an addiction to methamphetamine. Jack entered treatment at Seasons in 2016, he was broken after being a daily drug addict for several years. After completing 3 months in the Primary Care Program and then 3 months in the Transition Program, Jack was continually giving back to Seasons in a volunteer capacity until he reached 1 year sober and started working for Seasons. Jack has since reengage in tertiary studies, completing a Diploma in Alcohol and Other Drugs as well a Diploma of Mental Health. Jack is very passionate about recovery, helping others and giving back those that are still suffering. Jack’s mission is to enable the clients to have the most benifitial treatment program to empower them to connect back to their own lives in a productive manner. Jack is extremely enthusiastic about personal development and growth


Alessandro Di Illio


International Addiction Counselling and Specialist- Comorbidity at Elsden Academy

Alessandro is a certified addiction counsellor and also an addict in recovery as well. Alessandro has worked for Seasons since 2017. Previously, after he came into recovery from a 17-year drug addiction, Alessandro studied and worked 3 years in education for kids with special needs in Belgium. Alessandro was involved in drug prevention and deradicalization in difficult neighborhoods in his hometown Brussels. Later on, he specialized in addiction counselling and mental health comorbidity with a 2-year study IAC Elsden Academy (Netherlands). Alessandro worked for several clinics all-over South-East Asia and Europe. Alessandro was involved in setting up the 12-step model in Belgrade, Serbia. Alessandro is specialized in one-on-one counseling and group therapy and he is known for his no nonsense, direct but loving and caring approach. Alessandro organizes seminars for professionals (psychiatrists, therapeutic clinics, doctors,) to introduce and promote the 12 steps of recovery as a therapeutic model.
Alessandro is an experienced recovery coach and uses his own personal experience to connect and win the trust of the addict/ alcoholic. Alessandro is training different boxing styles, fitness and loves to discover foreign cultures and countries. Spirituality became his guideline and meditation and yoga are part of his own recovery.

Denis Smith

Support Worker

Bachelor of Business, Master of Information Technology, Graduate Certificate of Addiction Studies, Graduate Certificate of Occupational Health, Certificate IV in Mental Health. Denis is completing a Graduate Diploma in Counselling (Alcohol and Other Drugs).

Denis is an experienced group facilitator, recovery coach, and case manager. He has worked in the addiction treatment field in Bali, Jakarta and Australia. Before joining the addiction field, Denis had a career in professional services and finance, working with senior-level executives in Australia, China, Europe, Indonesia and the USA. This experience helps him to bring a perspective to many clients as they navigate their recovery journey. Aligned to Season’s unique philosophy, Denis has a lived experience of addiction with over 20 years of continuous recovery from drugs and alcohol. Denis has a passion for the environment and has worked with global industry groups on thought leadership and reporting projects. He maintains a small farm outside of work.


Hani Bondan

Support Worker

Certified Drug Addictions Counsellor From BNN, Kemensos, UNODC

I got into recovery in 2016. Since then, I have dedicated myself to help people to find a new way of life for themselves and their families. I have worked with the Seasons team since 2018. Starting as a Support staff, I have gradually won promotion to my current position as counsellor for Indonesian clients, I worked extensively within the field of counselling for many years,  My mission at Seasons is to ensure that the needs of our clients are not just being met, but are exceeded. As a former addict and counsellor myself, I understand both sides of the recovery relationship, and so I am exceedingly qualified to oversee the process.

Rachael Smith

client Liaison manager

Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs; Diploma of Mental Health, Diploma of Counselling, Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling, Cert IV Assessment and Training

Rachael is Seasons Bali’s Client Liaison, she has worked in the field of Addiction and Mental Health for over 10 years. After struggling with addiction to alcohol and cannabis from the age of 14, Rachael remained in active addiction for over two decades culminating in a traumatic period of amphetamine use. After entering recovery for the first time, she began a truly rewarding 5 year period of education and training, during which she completed several qualifications. Rachael worked at the Hader Clinic in Melbourne as a Senior Support Worker and then Assistant Manager, at Winja Ulupna Aboriginal Women’s Rehab in St Kilda, Bass Coast Health Hospital as AOD and Family Counsellor and many other places over the years. As the Client Liaison Manager at Seasons Bali, Rachael is the first point of contact for new clients and families. Rachael’s mission is to make the admission process and the time that follows simple and rewarding for the extraordinary people that walk through the doors here at Seasons Bali.


Asthi Smith

Family Support Coordinator

Cert in Addiction Treatment: Clinical Skills for Healthcare Providers
Yale University

Asthi is our Family Support Coordinator. She has been working with families for the past seven years and is an active member of 12 step fellowships, she also assists Seasons Bali with our social media profile. Asthi has personal family experience with addiction and other mental health conditions, which brings depth to her empathy and understanding when working with the loved ones of people in our care.  She loves working with family and significant others and has a lot of passion to help families and loved ones in their recovery. Asthi studied Information Systems in Surabaya at Universitas Pembangunan Nasional, where she earned her degree before she is moving to Bali to work for Seasons. Asthi is currently studying at Yale Medicine University  – Clinical Skills for Healthcare Providers. Asthi is excited to work with the family of Seasons Bali clients.


Marina Kolaric

Consultant Counsellor/Recovery Coach

BA (Psychology), Masters in Communications 

I specialise in alternative approaches to health, spirituality and life in general. Originally from Serbia, I have spent my life travelling the globe earning various certifications and collecting valuable life experience. I have a BA in Psychology from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, and my MA in Communications from the University of Hawaii, Honolulu. I have trained in conflict resolution and mediation, yoga and meditation, and I completed a two-year program for Ayurvedic counselling. Additionally, I have been trained in Mindfulness-Based Addiction Recovery (MBAR), the approach I use mostly in my work. I believe there is no one perfect solution for all of us, and we might want to choose a strategy that works for us individually. 


Sandy Syahram


Certified HIV Counsellor, Certified Drug Addictions Counsellor

I got into recovery in 2005. Since then, I have dedicated myself to help people to find a new way of life for themselves and their families. I have worked with the Seasons team since 2012. Starting as a Counsellor, I have gradually won promotion to my current position as Program Coordinator. Before Seasons Bali, I worked extensively within the field of counselling for many years, including three years at a HIV foundation funded by the Australian government. My mission at Seasons is to ensure that the needs of our clients are not just being met, but are exceeded. As a former addict and counsellor myself, I understand both sides of the recovery relationship, and so I am exceedingly qualified to oversee the process.


Amanda Williams

Wellness coordinator

Hypnotherapy, NLP Practitioner, THETA Trauma Therapist, Ayurvedic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructo

As a former professional dancer, I have always inspired my students to discover their journey and awaken their spiritual energy through the practice of yoga, breathwork, exercise and meditation. Over the last 14 years, I have trained extensively with internationally acclaimed yoga teachers in branches such as Power Yoga, Iyengar, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow as well as Reiki and Theta healing. My mission is to assist each client’s in freeing their limiting belief systems that have direct links to addiction, depression and anxiety.


Wayan Muliawan

Manager of Operations

BA – Computer Science (Com Sci)

After graduating from STIKOM Bali as a Bachelor of Computer Science in 2016, Muli started working at Seasons Bali as our Concierge from 2017 until now where he has been promoted to Operations Manager. Muli is of Balinese decent, loves working with people, especially those in need of help. He is our interface with Balinese culture and ceremonial activities.

Dr Bernard

Dr Bernard Hickey

Consultant psychiatrist

Accredited Member of the
RANZCP Faculty of Addiction Psychiatry

AOD Consultant Alice Springs Hospital. Hader Clinic Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Psychiatrist Consultant. 15 years working in AOD recovery settings inpatient and outpatient using 12 step facilitation and other evidence based treatments.


Dr Monika Joy Reverger, Sp. KJ

Consultant psychiatrist

Master of Medicine (Psychiatry) 

My interest in addictions and mental health began in 2012. Since then I have helped so many people to find some relief from their troubles. I work in several private hospitals in Bali as a Psychiatric consultant. It is incredible to see the difference in people after they get proper help. I heard about what Seasons Bali were doing across my time in various hospitals. It was only when I realised how different their model is to regular rehab institutes that I contacted Richard with my intent to join the team. My mission at Seasons is to make sure that people receive the highest level of psychiatric care possible. 


Dr Yasmin Halim

Recovery Doctor

Medical Degree in Neuroscience

I have always been fascinated by how minor changes in brain chemistry can affect significant changes in our client’s lives. For this reason, became interested in neuroscience from an early age and was fortunate enough to get into Hasanussin University, one of South East Asia’s most respected medical Universities. After University, I continued to gain qualifications in emergency medicine and withdrawal management. My path eventually led me to Seasons Bali, where I am the recovery Doctor for our clients. My mission is to ensure that every single client at Seasons Bali is given the highest possible level of medical care during their time here.

Meet The Team

Chininta Amatia


Qualified Nurse

After qualifying at Jember Nursing Academy in 2008, I moved to Bali and went to work in Singaraja at Rumah Sakit Kerta Usada. Following this, I took a position as a general nurse at BIMC Hospital, one of the most reputable here on the island. I worked there between 2010 and 2012. From there, I worked at Kasih Ibu Hospital from 2012 to 2013. I have been working with Seasons since 2014. I am an experienced and skilled nurse, and I have gained valuable experience working with addicts and alcoholics. I love to see the transformation that happens to people here, and it makes me very proud.





Qualified Nurse

After qualifying from Midwifery Academy Singaraja in 2018, following this I started worked at a general Medical Clinic in Gianyar from 2018 until she started working with us at Seasons Bali. She has a high degree of interest in the field of addiction and is both an intelligent and caring member of our team.



Executive Chef

Diploma – Culinary and Tourism

My cooking journey began when I received my formal training through the American Culinary federation. After starting my practical career as a Commis Chef, I was quickly moved up through the ranks at the world-renowned Kudeta Beach Club in Seminyak. In 2007 I began as head chef on the Royal Carribean Cruise Line. My work at Seasons Bali began in 2011.


Gede Santika


Diploma – Culinary and Tourism

Our Head of Security, Gede Santika, not only insures the safety of our clients he also has a passion for cooking and he sometimes doubles as Seasons Sous Chef on special occasions. After graduating from Mapindo College Bali with a Diploma of Culinary in 2015, Gede commenced working at Seasons Bali as a Chef in 2016 until 2020 when Gede was promoted to his current position. Gede is of Balinese decent, loves working with people, especially those in need of help, he takes very seriously his role ensuring our clients feel safe and are safe.

kadek sri

Kadek Sri

Hospitality Manager

Diploma – Hospitality and Tourism

Kadek Sri, Seasons Bali’s Hospitality Manager graduated from Mapindo College in 2005 and has been working at the The Beachouse Resort since 2005, over the years it has operated as a restaurant and beachside accommodation up until Seasons Bali Treatment Centre moved there in 2020. Kadek loves cooking for people and can often be found in our kitchen creating Indonesian and Balinese cuisine.

Transformation Starts Here

Taking that first step towards recovery is one of the most powerful things you can do. If you or a family member need help and you want to get the best treatment possible, get in touch with us now. With over twenty years of helping people to find peace in recovery, we are South East Asia’s Leading Addiction Treatment Centre.

All work conducted by Seasons Bali is carried out in the strictest of confidence and conforms to all current privacy legislation. None of the information on this site is intended as medical advice

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