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There are many definitions of the addiction to be found on the Internet but I’m from the school of keep it simple, that simple definition or rule of thumb for addiction, is; “if it costs you more than money, then it’s a problem’. I know this definition might sound very simple to you but, look at it in terms of what your behavior actually costs. Has it cost you a relationship, trouble with the police, time from work or school, has obsessing about your behavior caused negative consequences that’s costing you more than money.

Addiction has been called many things for example, disorders and dependency etc. but as I said I like to keep it simple and I see addiction as a brain disease whether it be a substance or repetitive behavior that brings you pleasure, it changes the neurological structure of your brain. In particular, around the pleasure centers of the brain, this change to the neurological structure of the brain comes over time so it goes without saying that if you want to change this addictive behavior then it will take time to treat and recover.

Treatment for addiction comes in many forms from, counseling, coaching, 12-Step Group and residential recovery programs that will encompass probably all of the above. I see addiction as affecting all aspects of our life not, only physically but, emotionally, psychologically, socially and spiritually. Therefore, it is vital that we treat all five aspects of this disease at the same time if you wish to have a successful outcome and an ongoing recovery from addiction.

What I am attempting in this website is to educate people about addiction and its negative consequences, also to provide information about the treatment options. As the disease of addiction is no longer a death sentence, recovery is possible. Before you look at treatment and recovery options the addict needs to be open to the fact they need help and start to deal with the denial that is a significant feature of the disease. What I’m aiming to do with this website is share information and knowledge that I’ve gathered over the past 35 years of treating my own and others addiction.

Now in my 60s and having been in recovery from my own addiction and other obsessive behaviours since 1985 and believe I have a wealth of experience that includes 17 years of drug use to share with the community, that means for over 50 years I’ve learned a lot; what to do and what not to do. I hope this website helps you find the solutions to your problem, finding a new life that is productive and fulfilling.


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