Primary Residential Program

  • In Villa Style Beachfront Location
  • Initial Psycho-Social Assessment
  • Airport transfers and VIP immigration service 
  • Medically Supervised Detoxification
  • Initial Medical Examination
  • Individualised Treatment Plan
  • Support Workers in residence and 24 hour supervision
  • Daily Counselling with Recovery Coach
  • Weekly Counselling with Therapist
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Psycho Therapy
  • Physical Therapy including Yoga.
  • Meditation and Gym membership
  • Education Groups
  • Daily Therapeutic Group
  • Attendance at 12 Step Meetings
  • Private room with en-suite in Villa style accommodation
  • Personal Housekeeping Staff
  • Meals prepared by Seasons Chef
  • Ongoing Medical review
  • Urine drug screens
  • Literature pack for client
  • Wifi
  • Daily access to devices (phones, laptops and iPads)
  • 28, 60 or 90 day options

What happens in the Primary Residential Program?

The pride and joy of Seasons Bali is our renowned Primary Residential Program. We have combined physical practices such as diet and exercise with educational activities, community values and life-affirming activities. A typical weekday will begin with either a nature walk, gym session or beach fitness followed by a meditation session on our upper-terrace overlooking the stunning rice paddy fields.

After a satisfying breakfast cooked by our Chef, you will attend a group session with your team. Here you will ‘check-in’ with fellow members and offer insights on each other’s progress in the program.
Our practice at Seasons Bali is not just to help you heal, but to gradually empower you to help others. To this end, newer clients will partake in the group sessions while being led by more experienced participants. The ‘lead tenant’ is often the most experienced client. They will usually lead the session. 

After lunch, you will enjoy a revealing education session by one of our recovery coaches or by various guest speakers. These sessions are designed to educate and empower you and to nurture your creative healing.

Next comes the solid work of recovery through engaging programs such as the 12 step process. This time will also include scheduled time for a weekly counselling session and a dynamic yoga session on the upper-terrace. Afterwards, you will enjoy some quiet consolidation and reflection time.

Following dinner, you will spend some quality time in community groups on or off-site. These meetings are a critical step in learning to rely on the community in the post-rehab period. Community support is a crucial part of the recovery process, and we have found that our clients find these sessions to be life-changing. While the 12-step program is part of these meetings, Season’s Bali maintains a neutral, non-denominational approach to this. We see the different methods as tools that some people respond to; others do not. Either way, we feel obliged to give you a range of tools for you to select from and the 12-step program, which has seen phenomenal success across the world is one of them.

Lights out at Seasons Bali is 11 pm.

Weekends are a little different. Every Thursday, your team will meet and decide on the weekend activities. Our activities are a critical part of our program. They often include projects such as surfing, rafting, visiting incredible cultural sites in Bali or volunteering in the community. Weekends will consist of lunch and dinner out and will finish with community meetings.

Clients are allowed full access to their devices such as phones and laptops during their stay. However, these are subject to Season’s staff checks. 

A Typical Daily Schedule (Weekday)

7 amWake up
7.30 amNature Walk & Meditation or gym work/Beach fitness
8.30 amBreakfast
10 amGroup Work
12 pmLunch
1pmEducation Sessions
2pmIn-house work and yoga or Counsellling
5 pmQuiet Time
5.30 pmDinner
6 pmMeeting
8pmQuiet Time
11 pmLights Out

Full Weekly Schedule

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