My Name is Chef Komang

Welcome to my restaurant at Seasons Bali! 

My cooking journey began when I received my formal training through the American Culinary federation. After starting my practical career as a Commis Chef, I was quickly moved up through the ranks at the world-renowned Kudeta Beach Club in Seminyak. In 2007 I began as head chef on the Royal Carribean Cruise Line. My work at Seasons Bali began in 2011.

I have a strong passion for creating Japanese fusion, Italian, European and Indian dishes as well as traditional Balinese cuisine. I like to think that my recipes strike a unique balance between flavour and nutrition. A typical breakfast could be –

  • bacon and eggs
  • cereal and toast
  • tropical fruit Platter 
  • tea and coffee 

Lunch and dinner is a variety of meat, vegetarian and vegan options and varies during the week. Friday night is usually curry night. Clients dine out in one of Bali’s incredible restaurants on the weekend. 

At Season Bali, diet is considered a critical part of the recovery process. Therefore, my menu is based on the principles of the CSIRO diet, I serve all of my food with nutrition as priority. 

I look forward to serving you my healthy, nutritionally balanced delicious food to support you on your beautiful Journey.



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