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Discover the Best Drug Rehab in Thailand

Discover the best drug rehab in Thailand. Learn skills and indulge in healing therapy that will help you clear and expand your mind.

Did you know that over 35 million people in the world suffer from drug addictions? The COVID-19 pandemic has left people scrambling for medications that are on back-order. 

This has led to higher prices and risks of overdosing with impure drugs. It also increases someone’s risk of abusing alcohol and other synthetic drugs if opioids are not available. 

Additionally, over 90% of available pharmaceutical opioids were in developed nations. What do you do when you or a loved one needs help? The best drug rehab in Thailand can offer effective treatments through an inpatient setting. 

The effectiveness of treatment interventions through rehab clinics abroad can provide people with a unique therapeutic experience and long-lasting results. For more information on rehab in Thailand, keep reading on. 

What Are Rehab and Detox Centers?

Before diving into what a luxury rehab is and how to find the best drug and alcohol rehab in Bali, it helps to know what these centers are. Rehab and detox centers address substance abuse disorders. 

At its core – substance abuse disorders include an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a tricky term to place on someone’s behavior. However, a substance abuse disorder is classified as a mental health disorder. 

This means that the person cannot control their behavior around or with a substance. An astounding 50% of individuals who abuse substances also have a co-occurring disorder

These disorders are mental health illnesses such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Personality disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Ideally, treatment centers focus on both disorders in what is dubbed dual treatment centers or co-occurring disorder treatments. 

Rehab Clinics Abroad

Why is rehab in Asia ideal? Many people who come to a luxury rehab in Bali are looking for wholesome detox and rehab centers. Destination rehab centers offer just that. 

They are beneficial because they can separate the person from where they abuse drugs or alcohol. Essentially, it works at giving them a clean slate and can be therapeutic by having the person be immersed in beautiful surroundings.

These rehab clinics in Thailand give clients an opportunity to immerse themselves in their own recovery thousands of miles away from home. There are no other distractions, and the treatments are effective. 

It can also offer spiritual healing for patients. Detox retreats in Bali can allow visitors the opportunity of visiting Buddhist monasteries and other religious buildings or ceremonies. Many Western cultures don’t have access to authentic and deeply enriching ceremonies as seen in rehab in Thailand.

You can also rest easy in knowing that these treatment centers cater to individual and group therapy needs. You might find different villages or centers for various group identities such as:

  • LGBT+
  • Elderly
  • Women
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Specific religions (e.g., Muslim)

Western populations are drawn to rehab in Bali because of their specialized programs. Addressing unique issues related to gender, sexual orientation, and religion play into the overall recovery and healing process. 

The Best Drug Rehab in Thailand

What are some other qualities to look for in drug rehab in Bali? Ultimately, some of the best detox programs in Bali and Thailand will look at five recovery elements

  • Physical
  • Psychological
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual

There are various lengths of programs that you can pick from including 30 days or 90 days. Longer stays can give you a greater opportunity of adopting a healthier lifestyle and mindset changes. 

You can expect a variety of psychotherapies and alternative therapies in this type of drug treatment in Bali such as:

  • Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)
  • Mindfulness
  • 12-step facilitation 
  • Clinical psychology
  • Family therapy
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Excursions
  • Exercise

Bali is a beautiful region that gives visitors an opportunity of immersing themselves in outdoor activities that can enrich and heal people physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Bali rehab does not solely focus on drug addictions. Alcohol rehab abroad is also very common and many of the same treatments used in drug addictions are implemented for alcoholism. 

What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is useful in these settings along with alternative therapies. The combination of these two therapies helps in the overall and long-term recovery. Psychotherapies are different modes of therapy that focus on coping strategies, trauma, and depression or anxiety. 

In other words, this is known as ‘talk therapy.’ It gives clients an opportunity to do a deeper dive into the core roots of their addiction or behavioral issues. It also helps address past traumas or PTSD. 

In return, this form of therapy becomes a useful tool in conjunction with medication. Some studies have looked further into medication treatments and psychotherapy for patients with depression. 

They found that the combination of psychotherapy and medication worked better when combined. During this study, CBT was the most commonly implemented treatment. 

CBT focuses on addressing negative thought patterns and behaviors with a skilled therapist. It is a great tool for implementing in treatment sessions since it is effective for a broad range of mental illnesses. 

Bali Rehab Cost

What is the cost for treatment abroad? First – make sure you aren’t sacrificing money for quality. There are many treatment centers that offer similar therapies and treatments. 

The best treatment centers provide lasting results through the help of qualified and professional therapists, physicians, and other staff members. The cost at Seasons Bali starts at just under $7,000 for a 14-day treatment. 

Many professionals suggest staying longer since the detox phase itself can last close to a month. A 90-day stay in this treatment program costs around $27,500.

A Healthier Life

The best drug rehab in Thailand offers a beautiful outdoor backdrop to your healing. It can give you experiences and treatments that focus on physical, mental, and emotional healing. 

You or a loved one shouldn’t have to wait any longer for addressing substance abuse disorders and addictions. Treatment abroad can give you time and space to focus on your recovery and help you live a healthier life. Contact us today for more information on the right treatment plan for you. 

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About 35 million people around the world suffer from drug use disorders. Unfortunately, only one in every seven people receives treatment. Whether you need drug or alcohol rehabilitation, it’s important to seek help right away. Otherwise, the number of addiction-related deaths around the world will only continue to increase. You don’t have to stay in America to receive the help you need. Sometimes, a change in atmosphere can even benefit your sobriety. You don’t have to remain near potential triggers that led to your addiction in the first place. Instead, you can explore drug rehab centers abroad. Not sure how to choose the best drug rehab in Thailand or Bali? We can help. Here are nine factors to consider during your search. With these tips, you can make sure to choose rehab clinics abroad that meet your needs and goals. Start on your road to sobriety with these simple tips today.

1. Consider the Location

As you explore different drug rehab centers overseas, it helps to start by choosing a location. Then, you can narrow down your selection and work through the rest of these tips. Are you searching for a drug rehab Bali center? Would you prefer to find the best drug rehab in Thailand instead? Research different regions overseas before making your choice. Thailand is in Southeast Asia. It’s surrounded by tropical forests and rice fields. Blue mountains and waterfalls surround the area as well. Bali is an Indonesian island. It’s surrounded by jungles and surf-friendly waters, making it perfect for a revitalizing getaway. Determine where in Thailand or Bali each drug rehab center is located. First, you’ll want to make sure it’s in a safe area. Make sure the center is far away from potential triggers as well. If you don’t feel safe, you might struggle to focus on your rehabilitation. Consider the type of atmosphere you want to surround yourself with, too. For example, you might want to explore rehab clinics abroad near the water. Perhaps you feel more comfortable surrounded by greenery instead. Learn more about each drug rehab center by heading online. Pull up a map to determine where they’re located. Look for photos of the facility, too.

2. Look for Credentials

Before choosing a center that offers drug or alcohol rehab abroad, check their credentials. Make sure the center is licensed and accredited. If they’re not licensed, they might take shortcuts when offering treatment. An accredited facility, on the other hand, will strive to offer the highest levels of care. Make sure the facility meets proper safety and treatment guidelines, too. Choose a rehab in Thailand or Bali that puts the patients first.

3. Establish Your Goals

You can narrow down your options when exploring rehab clinics abroad by focusing on your distinct goals. What do you want to accomplish throughout your rehabilitation process? Write your goals down. You’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down on a daily basis. For example, maybe you want to detox from the substance you’re using. Maybe you want to maintain your sobriety for six months before returning home. Perhaps you want to make amends with the people you hurt due to your addiction. Some rehab clinics abroad will require you to detox before you can start their rehab program. Make sure to double-check before choosing a facility. It’s important that you not try to detox alone. Instead, try to find a rehabilitation center that also offers detox services. Do you have anxiety or depression? Find a facility that offers dual diagnosis treatment instead. Establishing your goals while you’re searching for a drug or alcohol rehab abroad can help narrow down your options.

4. Research the Team

Before choosing between drug rehab centers, look into the facility’s team. You might want to choose a team with a range of expertise. For example, look for:
  • Wellness specialists
  • Nutritionists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Nurses
  • Medical doctors
  • Chemical dependency counselors
  • Spiritual care counselors
A strong team of trained, certified professionals will help you accomplish your treatment goals.

5. Consider Detoxing

Remember, you don’t want to detox alone. Otherwise, you might experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol include:
  • Anxiety
  • Tremors
  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Confusion
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Increased heart rate
  • Nightmares
You could experience delirium tremens (DTs), too. Symptoms include seizures, hallucinations, and extreme confusion. Don’t try to handle these symptoms alone.

6. Review Their Services

Take a look at the services each facility offers. Make sure they offer evidence-based programs. For example, you might consider:
  • Medication-assisted therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Detox programs
  • Twelve-step facilitation
Make sure the treatment options and services they provide will help you accomplish your goals.

7. Read Reviews

Learn more about the rehab clinics abroad by looking for reviews online. Reading reviews will help you learn more from people who were once in your shoes. Did the rehab center help the patient accomplish their goals? Did the patient experience any problems while receiving treatment? Try to find a facility with a strong reputation you can count on.

8. Schedule a Tour

If you can, schedule a tour with one of the facilities on your list. Ask any lingering questions you have about the facility. Take a look at the other patients there. Do they appear happy? Try to ask the patients about their time at the facility. For example, have they experienced any issues with the staff? Is treatment helping them remain sober? Consider the staff as well. Is there a good ratio between the number of patients and staff members? Talk to a member of the staff, too. Discuss your goals. Then, ask what treatment options they’d recommend.

9. Review Your Notes

Take a moment to review your notes. Which rehab clinics abroad will help you accomplish your goals? Which ones meet your needs and expectations? Don’t rush to make your decision.

Drug Rehab Centers Overseas: 9 Factors to Consider During Your Search

Choosing between drug rehab centers overseas doesn’t have to feel stressful. Instead, keep these tips in mind during your search. With these tips, you’ll have an easier time narrowing down your options. You can fly to Thailand or Bali and start receiving the treatment you need. Eager to get started? We’re here to help. Contact us today to begin your journey.