Family Program

The Seasons Bali Primary Residential Program is the result of tens of thousands of hours of hands-on experience, examination and international ISO best practice. It is developed for those who are battling with dependence. The entire process is also aimed to provide comfort and education to the families or other loved ones of clients through their effective participation. At Seasons we recognise that relationships and family dynamics are considerably impacted by the disorder of dependence. This is an optional residential program where the clients family or loved ones will join them. Engagement in the family process can be from a week up to the full residential treatment stay, depending on the families particular situation. It is a sincere opportunity for families and clients to open up in safe, understanding surroundings. We have established that those who are engaged in the family process accomplish stronger connections. The further healing of these aspects of a clients life can encourage a better possibility of full recovery overall.

  • Airport transfers and VIP immigration service¬†
  • Personal Support Staff
  • Individual Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Physical Therapy including Yoga and Meditation
  • Education Groups
  • Daily Therapeutic Group
  • Introduction to 12 Step Meetings
  • Private room with en-suite in Villa style accommodation
  • Personal Housekeeping Staff
  • Meals prepared by Seasons Chef
  • All transport requirements in Bali
  • Literature pack
  • Wifi
  • Daily access to personal devices (phones, laptops and iPads)

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