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Are you ready to take your life back from drug or alcohol addiction? Do you need to get away from a toxic environment that encourages you to use?

Your environment can play a huge role in your addiction recovery. If a change of scenery sounds good to you, consider joining a drug detox program based overseas. 

For less than the cost of most American rehab programs, you can recover from your addiction on the beautiful island of Bali. Keep reading, and we’ll give you 7 ways that a rehab center in Bali can help you recover.

1. Get the Support You Need

A good rehab center will provide you with the support you need, regardless of what country you’re in. The point of going to a residential detox program is to get a break from the stressors of everyday life and focus on recovery. 

At a rehab center in Bali, you will have access to all different types of mental health and addiction professionals. 

Whether you need emergency counseling, group therapy, or spiritually focused guidance; you will be completely supported. All you need to focus on is getting well. 

2. Don’t Break the Bank

While rehab in Bali might sound like a luxury, it is actually cheaper than rehab in the United States. The cost of living and travel in Bali is extremely low.

Your Bali rehab cost will include all the amenities you can expect from the nicest rehab centers in the U.S., for a lower price. 

This cost will also include easy travel and visa arrangements so that your journey to recovery is as easy as possible. 

Financial instability is one of the biggest risk factors for slipping back into addiction. When you save money on your addiction treatment, you set yourself up for long-term sobriety.

3. Break Out of Unhealthy Routines

Completing your drug and alcohol rehab abroad can help you break out of bad habits. Your habits are inexplicably tied to your environment, and sometimes staying in a familiar environment can make it can be hard to get sober.

Familiar environments can be a potential trigger for recovering addicts.

For example, if you used to buy drugs on a particular street, driving down that street in the future might make you think about relapsing.

When you go to a rehab center in Bali, you don’t have to worry about being triggered by your surroundings. When everything around you feels new and exciting, it is much easier to build new habits. 

Plus, it helps that Bali is one of the most beautiful and exciting islands in the world. You can build new and healthy routines that involve taking advantage of what Bali has to offer. 

4. Surround Yourself With Supportive People

Familiar environments can be triggering, but; so can familiar people. Another advantage of attending rehab clinics abroad is that they separate you from people who may have influenced you to use drugs in the past. 

While it may be painful to separate yourself from old friends, sometimes that is what it takes to recover.

The separation doesn’t have to be permanent, but it is almost always necessary at first. You cannot expect yourself to recover when you’re surrounded by people who are still using.

When you go to a rehab center in Bali, you ensure that everyone around you is just as committed to recovery as you are. 

5. Let Warm Climates Lift Your Mood

Spending time outside in warm climates is great for your mental health. Vitamin D from the sun lifts your mood, while warm and moist air revitalizes your body. 

Bali is a popular tourist destination for a reason. The stunning natural scenery around you is sure to uplift you and fill you with hope for a better future. 

Recovery is possible anywhere, but it is much easier on a gorgeous tropical island with once-in-a-lifetime views. Being in a tropical climate puts you both physically and mentally at ease, which makes recovery much easier. 

6. Commune With Nature 

At your rehab center, you will have opportunities to safely explore the natural wonder of Bali. Spending time outdoors and immersing yourself in nature is one of the best things you can do for your mental health. 

When you are just starting to recover from addiction, it is important to fill your time with healthy distractions. 

Going for walks is always a great way to build healthy habits and improve your mood. Exploring new terrain is even better for your mood because it gives your brain more positive things to focus on. 

We believe that the natural beauty and transformative power of Bali can help you develop healthy habits that last a lifetime. 

7. Rediscover Your Love of Life

It is easy to feel hopeless when you are stuck in the same place for months or years on end. Sometimes, all it takes is a getaway to remember how amazing it is to be alive! 

Many people believe that recovery means resigning yourself to a halfhearted life, but we know that isn’t the case. 

Try new experiences, see new sights, and form new habits. A life after addiction can be just as full of joy as any other. 

Make Your Drug Detox as Painless as Possible

If you are ready to start your drug detox journey, consider healing in the warmest and most loving environment possible. Ask experts about drug rehab in Bali and how it might help you recover. 

Motivating yourself to get sober is not always easy. However, it is always easier in a refreshing, beautiful setting. 

Take charge of your recovery today, and start building healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

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drug detox

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