Finding Addiction Treatment Abroad Can Help Your Rehabilitation

Searching for a rehabilitation centre can be tricky enough without the additional hurdle of travelling. However, what’s valid for house hunters also holds for those seeking for a second chance at life: location, location, location!

Traveling for rehab can prove extremely beneficial for someone searching for a new life free of drugs and alcohol

It is incredibly beneficial for someone suffering from alcoholism or addiction to relocate so that they may obtain proper treatment. Addiction is a disease that affects all areas of one’s life; the social and cultural effects this disease has on the lives of addicts can also make it difficult for many to maintain early sobriety in the location of their original substance usage.

Those that tend to find themselves in need of treatment often live in a home that is triggering their substance use. Many do not live in an environment that is even remotely conducive to their recovery. For these reasons and many others, more and more people are choosing to travel overseas to obtain rehab treatment.

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When traveling for rehab, it is important to consider the full scope of one’s addiction

Many find themselves triggered by everything in early recovery- from old friends, household objects, and even commercials on television. This concept is especially true during the earliest days of abstinence when both the mind and body are still in the process of ridding their systems of a particular substance.
In another country or when overseas entirely, someone beginning their journey of recovery is provided with the chance to establish a fresh start that is free from both the distractions and triggers that their home environment could undoubtedly provide. There is a multitude of limiting factors affecting one’s decision to obtain treatment locally; choosing to receive treatment abroad allows you to avoid the hassle of dealing with insurance authorization, eligibility for state and federal assistance, and even excessive medical bills.

Price and availability

If the price or availability of treatment locally is lacking, there is a wide selection of services available in Bali, Indonesia that are equivalent to those found in the United States, and for a fraction of the cost. In Bali, there is an influx of westerners seeking treatment for their issues with substances and alcoholism, and one of the most influential factors is the price. In the United States, treatment centres usually implement program lengths that vary between 30, 60, and 90 days; anything longer than 30 days is considered long-term treatment. Rehabilitation in the U.S. costs anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 for a 30 day or “short term” stay in a “luxury” treatment facility. The same length of time in a facility in Bali tends to range from $5,000 for a private inpatient rehab clinic, up to a maximum of $70,000 for a 30-day luxury treatment stay.

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With the influx of westerners in Bali, treatment there has been inundated with an equivalent flow of licensed medical practitioners and clinicians from the west who utilize evidence-based treatment modalities, and often have the same educational background as a western clinician. In this crossroads of eastern and western medicine, one can indeed find a path that suits their recovery needs. Accompanied by the presence of western medical practitioners are holistic treatment plans and professionals, with methodology rooted in an ancient and loving culture. Yoga, acupuncture, massage therapy, guided meditation, reflexology, hypnotherapy, among countless other examples are but a sample of the variety of tools available to ensure the most successful personalized treatment plan.


Bali, Indonesia has a strong spiritual identity that prioritizes love, kindness and understanding among its citizens, being a mostly Hindu population on the island, it is the perfect place to develop a relationship with a higher power which is a beginning stage of the twelve-step model of recovery. Getting out of a tumultuous environment filled with drug or alcohol addiction and entering into an atmosphere of peace and shared prosperity is vital in the long journey to changing one’s world view. As the National Institute on Drug Abuse states, addiction is a disease that affects both the brain and behaviour.” As drug and alcohol addiction creates desperation in addicts causing changes in behaviour that continue even after negative consequences pile up, a massive shift in scenery allows one’s behaviour to change for the better. Taken out of the environment filled with triggers and temptations someone is far more receptive to changing negative core beliefs and past negative habits with the help of a dedicated team to ensure a higher chance of success in recovery.

community and activities

Treatment centres in Bali consist not only of inpatient centres but out-patient services that focus on integrating clients into the community, placing a high importance on a healthy routine that includes socialising, fitness, and community involvement. Bali boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia if not the world, as well as near-perfect tropical weather ranging from 68-93F year-round, and a lush coastline that serves as the perfect jumping-off point for any adventure. Bali has an extensive international selection of food on the island ranging from Balinese delicacies to McDonald’s. Some of the best food in Bali can be found on the carts of roaming vendors, ensuring that no matter where you are, delicious food is sure to see you.
Bali is a fantastic place for rehabilitation, providing a comfortable, welcoming environment perfect for suiting the varying needs of alcohol and substance addiction afflicted clients.

With the ever-present and rising rate of addiction in the United States, it’s good to know that there are both affordable and reputable and treatment options in Bali, Indonesia, as well as many other countries overseas.

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