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Keep An Eye Out For Signs Of Alcoholism

There are many signs of addiction, but we can start to notice them in behaviour patterns before they develop into a severe condition. You can spot trends in someone’s actions that can provide insight into whether they could be suffering from alcoholism.

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Positivity Is Powerful In Recovery

Having a positive mental attitude during recovery is one of the most valuable assets you can have. Positivity can help you focus on the better parts of what could be a terrible situation, giving you that extra push forward you needed to get you through the day.

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Fear of Relapse

The Top 5 Reasons Addicts and Alcoholics Relapse

More than half of addicts and alcoholics who seek treatment for their drug or alcohol problem end up relapsing at some point. To relapse, in the world of addiction treatment, means to return to using a substance such as alcohol, or another illicit drug, after a long time of abstinence.

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Benefits Of A Life Coach In Addiction Treatment

Addiction life coaching, also known as recovery coaching, is a form of strength-based behavioural health support for an individual who is suffering from a type of substance use disorder or that is in recovery. It is a way to change a person’s life by altering their thought process.

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